In this list we hope to provide the most comprehensive source of Sudan-related links available on the internet. It will be regularly up-dated, so please check to monitor additions.

Inclusion in this list of links does not mean that ESPAC endorses the accuracy, views contained therein or contents of the organisations and publications linked to, or, conversely, that they endorse ESPAC. Indeed, we view many of the sites herein as questionable in orientation and accuracy. Some are part of the well-funded anti-Sudan industry that took root in the 1990s, and which has sought to damage the image of the country.

The goal of this list, however, is to provide (i) a comprehensive guide, which will cover ALL viewpoints on Sudan, including those of the government, opposition and rebel groups, independent organisations and scholars (ii) details of organisations and publications of all sorts relating to Sudan (iii)  sources of factual information and statistics about Sudan. Where appropriate some entries are included in more than
one relevant thematic section.

Material within quotation marks is drawn from the self-descriptions of the organisations concerned, which we do not necessarily endorse. Other descriptions or comments are those made by ESPAC. Sites are listed alphabetically within each section.  Material is largely restricted to English-language sites.

If you know of any further links that we should include we would be pleased to be informed of them. We would also appreciate reports of any dead links. Information should be sent to:


  3. Primary Information Sources
  4. Academic Sources of Information on Sudan
  5. Sources of Geographic, Cartographical, Meteorological, Statistical, Ethnic and Historical Information on Sudan
  6. Sources of Current News Information on Sudan
  7. Sudanese Governmental Bodies and Information Sources
  8. Sudanese Governmental Bodies: Overseas Embassies
  9. Governmental and Non-Governmental Relief Agencies Dealing With Sudan and Information Sources on Relief Issues
  10. Sources of Information on Oil Development in Sudan
  11. Religious and Other Groups Campaigning Against Sudanese Oil Development
  12. Sources of Information on Peace and Conflict in Sudan
  13. Sources of Information on Sudanese Foreign Policy
  14. Sources of Critical Information on Allegations of Sudanese Involvement With Terrorism
  15. Christian and Other Groups Campaigning Against Alleged Religious Persecution and "Slavery" in Sudan
  16. Sources of Information on Religion in Sudan
  17. Sources of Critical Material on Allegations of "Slavery" in Sudan
  18. Sources of Critical Material on Media Coverage of Sudanese Issues
  19. United States Government Sources of Information on Sudan and US Policy Toward Sudan
  20. Sources of Critical Material on United States Policy Toward Sudan
  21. United States Private Foreign Policy Institutes' Material on Sudan
  22. Organisations Concerned With, and Information Sources on, Human Rights Issues in Sudan
  23. Organisations Concerned With, and Information Sources on, Women in Sudan
  24. Sources of Economic, Business and Professional Information on Sudan
  25. Sudanese Financial Institutions and Business Enterprises
  26. Sudanese Medical Institutions, Professional Bodies and Sources of Information on Medicine and Health in Sudan
  27. Sources of Legal, Constitutional and Political Information on Sudan
  28. Educational Institutions in Sudan and Sources of Information on Education in Sudan
  29. Overseas Sudanese Student Organisations
  30. Cultural Organisations and Sources of Information on Sudanese Culture and Art
  31. Sudanese Sports Organisations
  32. Sudanese Newspapers and Periodicals
  33. Sudanese Political Organisations: Opposition Groups
  34. Sudanese Political Organisations: Southern Sudanese Opposition and Rebel Groups
  35. Sudanese Religious Bodies: Muslim
  36. Sudanese Religious Bodies: Christian
  37. Sources of Information on Travel and Tourism
  38. Websites of Sudanese Towns and Regions
  39. Sudanese Internet Service Providers and Internet Related Bodies
  40. Sudanese Internet Portals
  41. Internet News and Discussion Groups Relating to Sudan
  42. Yahoo Groups Relating to Sudan
  43. MSN Groups Relating to Sudan

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