American Anti-Slavery Society - see iAbolish

Blue Nile Project, The
"A ministry of Servant's Heart"

Anti-Slavery International
"Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest international human rights organisation, founded in 1839. It is the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery and related abuses". Use their search engine to locate material on Sudan

Christian Freedom International
"An interdenominational, human rights organisation dedicated to promoting religious liberty and helping persecuted Christian through direct aid and advocacy". A group that resulted from a split from Baroness Cox's Christian Solidarity Worldwide, due to disagreements about possible hoaxes regarding "slavery" in Sudan, and the role of
"slave redemptions" in encouraging inter-tribal raiding and abductions.

Christian Solidarity International
"[A] Christian huiman right organisation for religious liberty helping victime of religious repression, victimised children and victims of disaster. CSI was founded by Revd. Hans Stuckelberger, following silent demonstrations in Switzerland in support of persecuted Christains, in 1977... [T]he following groups are not affiliated with, or associated with, or working in conjunction with, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, sometimes also called Christian Solidarity UK , or Christian Solidarity; Christian Freedom International; Christian Solidarity Australasia; Christian Concern International". Baroness Cox was initially associated with CSI. Concern over her partisan support for the rebel SPLA movement and the dubious nature of her alleged "slave redemption" stunts led to her departure from CSI to launch her own organisation, initially called Christian Solidarity UK, then, finally, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (see below).

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The Inaugural Meeting of Conservatives for Human Rights Held in the British Parliament on Monday the 26th October 1998, Featuring Chiefly an Exchange Between Baroness Cox of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Dr. Sean Gabb of the Sudan Foundation", Conference File No. 2, The Sudan Foundation, 1998
Sudan Foundation, The - An Exchange of Correspondence Between the Sudan
Foundation and Caroline, Baroness Cox, Regarding David Hoile's 'Open Letter to Baroness Cox', April 1997, 2nd edn, Revised and Expanded With Additional Correspondence (Edited With an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Debate File No. 2, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Christian Solidarity Worldwide
"CSW works for the religious liberty of persecuted Christians suffering repression, children in need and victims of disaster throughout the world". Headed by the odd Baroness Caroline Cox the CSW has been blatant in its support for the rebel SPLA war-criminal John Garang, for its participation in phoney "slave redemptions" and for its repeatedly disproved claims about the use of chemical weapons by the Sudanese government. Baroness Cox also refused to condemn the death sentence officially announced by the SPLA against the former Director of the Sudan Foundation.

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Sudan Foundation, The - "For Those Interested in Peace and Justice in Sudan: Eight Questions for Christian Solidarity International and Baroness Cox", Politics File No. 13, The Sudan Foundation, 1997
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Dr. Sean Gabb & Baroness Cox - "An Exchange Between Baroness Cox and Sean Gabb of the Sudan Foundation
Dr. Sean Gabb, "A Response to Baroness Cox of Christian Solidarity UK, Regarding Criticisms of Her Work in Sudan, March 1998", Debate File No. 8, The Sudan Foundation, 1998
Dr. Sean Gabb, "A Reply to the Attack on the Sudan Foundation Made by Peter Adwok Nyaba With Regard to the Reply by Baroness Cox to Our Comments on Her Allegations of Slavery in Sudan, April 1998", Debate File No. 9, The Sudan Foundation, 1998
Sudan Foundation, The - "A Brief Account of the 8th CSI Christian Human Rights Conference Held at Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate in London on Saturday the 25th October 1997", Politics File No. 14, The Sudan Foundation, 1997
ESPAC - "Battling Baroness or Blundering Newspaper"
ESPAC - "Chemical Weapons in Sudan: The Baroness Cox Allegations Fiasco"

Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritius and Sudan (CASMAS)
"This human rights organisation brings together abolitionists and human rights activists from all races, creeds and nationalities to collectively fight for the eradication of the chattel enslavement of black Africans. It is a response to the centuries-old practice of buying, selling and breeding Africans by Arab Moors and North African Arabs which never stopped in the countries of Sudan and Mauritania".

Free the Slaves
"[F]ounded by Americans who do not want to live in a world with slavery".

Frontline Fellowship
"The Frontline Fellowship shall exist to further the cause of world evangelisation by missionary outreach to resistant or neglected areas and groups in Southern Africa . assisting persecuted churches and working for reformation and revival in Africa".

Fulaa Lifeline International
"[A] non-denominational Christian organisation ministering to persecuted Christians, displaced persons and refugees of East Africa, particularly those of Southern Sudan".

"[A] project of the American Anti-Slavery Group, a grassroots group founded in 1993 to combat slavery around the world... The iAbolish web-portal has two primary objectives: to make slavery a pressing human rights concern and to mobilise a powerful anti-slavery movement".

Institute on Religion and Democracy, The
"The IRD is an ecumenical alliance of US Christians... committed to reforming the Church's social and political witness, and to building and strengthening democracy and religious liberty at home and abroad". Use their search engine to find material on Sudan.
Details of their "Church Alliance for a New Sudan", part of their "Religious Liberty Programme" - a propaganda campaign and political lobby against the Sudanese government.

Inter-Church Coalition on Africa, The/KAIROS
"ICCAF has been a coordinated response by Canadian Churches to promote social and economic justice, protect human rights and promote human dignity throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa. As of July 1, 2002, ICCAF has been reborn into KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives".

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International Christian Concern
"For religious liberty and for assisting believers persecuted for their faith".

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, The

Joe Madison ["Black Eagle"]
US talk show host who campaigns on the issue of "slavery".

Persecution Project Foundation, The
"[F]ounded with the express purpose of collecting and disseminating information about the  worldwide incidence of Christian persecution, with particular focus on Africa". The Foundation has produced a number of propaganda videos, including "Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust", "Sudan's Scorched Earth", "Eyewitness to Genocide" and ""Oil-Fuelled Genocide".

Save The Sudan
"[A] project to raise public awareness of the mass genocide in Sudan. Millions of people are being enslaved and even killed for standing up for what they believe in."

Southern Sudan Christian Mission Church, The
"The oldest community of Christians in Africa, suffering the most severe persecution in the world today". Based at Portland's First Church of the Nazarene

Sudan Campaign, The
"Support the abolition of slavery, man-made famine and religious

Sudan 101
"Offers basic information about the country of Sudan, its history,
government, current situation, and culture". In reality a Christian
anti-Sudanese government campaign group.

Washington Office on Africa, The
"[A] church-sponsored... advocacy organisation seeking to articulate and promote a just American policy toward Africa".

"Slavery, War and Peace in Sudan: A Washington Office Briefing Paper"

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