Free South Sudan, The
"This site does not claim to officially represent any group or interest in the South, rather it is the cumulation of personal dreams and effort".

Free Sudan Center

National Democratic Alliance
"The NDA is composed of the political parties, trade unions and officers of the Legitimate Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces, the armed factions and independent national personalities which signed the NDA's National Charter of October 1989".

New Sudanese Indigenous Non-Governmental Organisations (NESI) Network
"[A]n indigenous civilian body working full time in the new Sudan. It safeguard the rights of civilians by performing a watchdog role. The networks vision is to enhance the dignity of new Sudanese people. To achieve this, the network is putting tremendous effort towards the realisation of an effective, strong and independent civil society".

New Sudan Council of Churches, The
Nominally an independent Christian organisation, but in reality a front group for the SPLA.

Nuba Survival
"Nuba Survival's primary objective is to focus on the predicament of the Nuba people of Sudan. This involves supporting activities of local humanitarian agencies in the Nuba Mountains and educating the international media about Nuba cultural heritage". A UK-based group.

South Sudanese Comprehension
"[C]omprehensively strives to unite the people of Southern Sudan".

South Sudanese Friends International
"SSFI is committed to grassroots solutions in southern Sudan. Founded in 1994 by Wal and Julia Duany, and based in Bloomington, Indiana, SSFI has spent years working behind the scenes, bringing people together for talks... In January, 2000 Wal resigned from SSFI's board of directors when he assumed a new role as chairman of the South Sudan Liberation Movement".

South Sudanese Students Association
"Our association is fundamentally based up on the realisation that we need to have an association representing the ideals and aspiration of the south Sudanese people and on the belief that south Sudanese here at ISU[Iowa State University] as well as at other colleges in the United States of America, students and non-students alike, must provide and promote equal education, culture, and social among its people and share it with people of other cultures".

Sudan Alliance Forces (SAF)

Sudan-Dinka Net

Sudan National Alliance/Sudan Alliance Forces - Office in Poland

Sudan News Website
Not an objective news site but a propaganda organ of the SPLA.

Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Sudan People' Democratic Front/Sudan
People's Liberation Army/Sudan People's Defence Forces

Sudan People's Liberation Movement
John Garang - "The Call for Democracy in Sudan" Details of SPLA leader Garang's book.
John Garang - "John Garang Clarifies What the SPLM/A is Fighting For", 25 January 1997, Politics File No. 8, Politics File No. 8, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

And see also:
Human Rights Watch/Africa - "A Letter From Human Rights Watch/Africa to Dr. John Garang, Commander of the Sudan People's Liberation Army"[1996] [Concerning the SPLA's abduction of children to force them into service in the rebel forces] (Edited With an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Peace File No. 12, The Sudan Foundation, 1996
Dr. Sean Gabb - "Sudan's Missing Children: An Open Letter to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States of America, on the Abuse of Children in Military Conflicts, 27th March 1998", Human Rights File No. 4, The Sudan Foundation, 1997
Dr. Sean Gabb - "Why Do You Continue Fighting?: An Open Letter to Dr. John Garang", Politics File No. 19, The Sudan Foundation, 1998
Sudan Foundation, The - "Where Are the Children?: John Garang, the SPLA
and Sudan's Missing Children", Human Rights File No. 1, The Sudan Foundation, 1998
*Sudan Foundation, The - Why Not Peace?: An Open Letter to John Garang",
Politics File No. 30, The Sudan Foundation, 1999

Sudan People's Liberation Movement News Agency (SPLANA)

Sudanese Refugees in the UK

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