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The following groups are in the English language (although not necessarily as a first language) unless otherwise indicated. Capitalisation, spelling and grammar in group descriptions are as found. Readers should bear in mind that not all groups are necessarily active. Where descriptions are not included this is because they are not featured on the respective sites. Upper and lower case are as given by each group.

"Accounting lecturer. You may find information about accounting practice in Sudan."

"This is a community of all the luo speakers who basically came to Canada from Africa, especially from Sudan and Uganda."

"Open minded panel debating international as well as local affairs implicating Sudan."

Amgud Elshayeb
"Where All people stay in peace, have fun and discuss all the important issues about Islam, Sudan and people's lives. Muchmore we will be talking about Technologies."

atbara town
"Atbara in the Sudan."

Aruna and Adil
"Our community consists of Adil, Aruna, Sabreen, Shima, Adnan. We are from Sudan."

ayamna elhelwa
"Our life in Egypt and Sudan".

"Peace, humanitarian development for Sudan."

Dinka Ama Community
"...from Arang, Melut and Akoka Dinka Tribe..."

Ehsan in Sudan Village Concept Project
"Welcome to my photo album."

Elnasr Technical College Sudan
"Friends and graduates of the College, want to see it developing to the highest of standards, and spread its message to help develop people and the country".

FSG in Sudan
"The web site contains photos from my trips in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in the last year."

Free Sudan
"This community is about Sudanese related issues."

Freedom Quest International
"Researching issues on international development and conflict. Finding solutions to 'man made' humanitarian tragedies. Supporting grass roots conflict resolution and peace initiatives. Networking to promote human rights and justice for the oppressed."

Friends of Sudan
"For all Sudanese and people who like Sudan".

"It is composed of Kuku Tribe who live in the Sudan near the Ugandan border ."

"Sudan music."

Mission to Sudan
"Westminster Medical Missions from Bluefield/Princeton, WV went to Sudan with Safe Harbour and the Blue Nile Project, June 2000".

Nile Group
"Share files, messages and schedules ."

"Youths from Sudan spreaded in the diaspora... dedicated to Africa, and friendship."

"Welcome to Sudanese Engineering Society in UK and Ireland Discussion Web Site."

shabab al Sudan
"Sudanese youth community."

Share Your Faith
"A Christian foundation, with out reach to Veteran's, Refuges from Sudan, referrals to help homeless and those in need of assistance or prayer."

South Sudan Board
"Dedicated to the issue of Sudan and the suffering of its People".

south sudan minnesota community
"Southern Sudanese who are living in Minnesota"

Southern Sudan and Nuba Mountains
"Non profit organization established in 2000."

"A community for the Sudanese Disabled and their friends, benefactors and helpers."

Sudan Community
"This is a way for this whole community to stay in touch with each other."

Sudan Cultural Center
"My community may discuss any subject related to the aspirations and problems of a population of about 100 ethnic groups : tribes very rich with cultures and traditions."

"The purpose of this community is to share with others what the Lord is doing among the Sudanese community in Cyprus."

sudan family

Sudan forever
"Place where Sudanese people meet and extending greetings with their love ones across the sea. Place of friendship, love and happy moments."

"well com/babkom alef kol al sudaneeyen."

Sudan Gate
" Sudan Gate The Leading community In Serving Sudanese living Abroad".

"Sudan Info Net."

Sudani Ana
"Meeting Sudanese people inside and outside Sudan."

sudan jion

Sudan Lost Boys
"A communication page to represent the Sudan refugees who were relocated from Sudan to New Port Richey, Florida with the assistance of World Relief."

Sudan's Kashasha
"When god created Sudan, he laughed in delight". Largely devoted to photographs of Sudan.

"A Sudanese Paediatricians' community. Only members and friends are allowed. Approval for joining is needed."

Sudan Streamer
"Sudan Political and Social Matters"

Sudan Today
"Reflect the different aspects of the Sudanese society, and opening a dialogue through this community between the different cultures in a way to establish a new view to what is called globalization."

Sudan Village Concept Project 3
"SVCP3 is a student run international developmental project in Sudan.
Here is a space on the net for the people interested in SVCP3 worldwide. Welcome to share ideas, pictures, news and hope..."

"For all Sudanese in diaspora who would like to preserve their cultural identity. Sudanese refugees who are committed to values of peace and democracy."

Sudanese Community
" the place where Sudanese Gather together and remind all the good days in Sudan, it is for all expatrates every where and any where. It is small Trial for linking expatriates by their homeland and give good idea about the Sudanese Social life."

"Site for the Sudanese in Ireland to stay in touch with each other and our home land Sudan".

Sudanese Panorama
"Sudan, that colorful country here is glimpse of that beauty ."

"It is about my country SUDAN."

The Horn Africans/Djbuti,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Somalia and Sudan
"This is in order to encourage foster relationship between the sisterly Horn African people. I hope this will encourage the horners to be familiar and at peace with each other..."

The Meenagh Family
"Pictures of Meenagh travels from Sudan."

The Sudanese Community at USA
"The Sudanese Community in USA is Ment by all Women, Men and children who are originally Sudanese but came to USA either in a resettlement program, immigrants, students etc."

University of Khartoum Graduates Association
"It is the Community which all Graduates of Khartoum Gather together recall and discuss all the good days in the university. Chat or discuss their present problems in or outside of Sudan."

view from sudan
"To show people around the world some faces from Sudan"

"...This webpage is dedicated to what is new in anaesthesia, intensive
care, pain management and CPR, with special links to Sudanese sites and
"Our Community is all about the unity of Southern Sudanese, the end of
tribalism, and the continuous effort by all the members to be united and
live as brothers and sisters and children of the same Almighty God ."

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