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Central Intelligence Agency - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

E-Conflict World Encyclopaedia - Government of Sudan

Election World - Elections Around the World
Elections in Sudan

Emory University Law School - Islamic Family Law in Sudan

Dr. Sean Gabb - "Democracy in Sudan: A Brief Account", Fact File No. 1, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Dr. Sean Gabb - "Democracy in Sudan: The 1996 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections", Democracy File No. 10, The Sudan Founadtion, 1997

Global Statistics - Administrative Divisions and Main Cities

Government of Sudan, The - "Ministry of Environment and Tourism,Khartoum: List of Environmental Legislation in Sudan Made Before November 1995" (Edited With an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Legal File No. 4, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Governments on the WWW - Sudan

Inter-Parliamentary Union Reports - National Assembly (Majlis Watani) of Sudan

Laws of Sudan.Net
An Arabic language only site about Sudanese law and precedents, containing essays, interactive discussion groups, access to free legal consultations, and a directory of online advocates. The site was established and managed by Ehab Mohammed Nour.

Law Library of Congress
National Information - Sudan - Bibliography (sic - should be Biography) of Historical
Figures: Past and Present Sudanese Leaders Profiled - Compilation of Selected Laws of Sudan - Current Government Cabinet
Last updated 26 January 1999 - Political Parties in the Sudan
Umma Party; Democratic Unionist Party; National Islamic Front; Sudanese People's Liberation Movement; The Republican Brothers; Sudanese Communist Party; Baath Party - Sudanese Government and Structure

Sudanese Constitution, The
Authorised English Version, Adopted June 1998
Arabic language version

Sudanese Constitution, The - The Twelfth Constitional Decree Re Federal Relations and Amendement of The States Systems, 1975 (Edited With an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb). Legal File No. 2, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Sudanese Constitution, The - The Thirteenth Constituional Decree, 1995
(Edited With an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Legal File No. 3, The Sudan Foundation, 1996

Dr. Hassan al-Turabi - "Reflections on the New Constitution for Sudan:
An Interview With Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, Speaker of the Sudanese Parliament, Given to the Sudan Foundation in May 1988" (Edited with an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Constitution File No. 1, The Sudan Foundation, 1998

World Statesmen - The Sudan

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