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"Columbia University's collection of African Studies Internet Resources is an on-going compilation of electronic bibliographic resources and research materials on Africa available on the global internet, created under the purview of the African Studies Department of Columbia University Libraries". Sudanese material is categorised under four headings: "General Resources, Economic Development and the Internet", "History, Culture and Education", "Online News" and "Politics, Human Rights and Military and Foreign Policy"

Durham University Library Sudan Archive
"700 boxes of paper, 46,000 photographs, 136 cinefilms, 700 maps, museum
objects and a large amount of related printed materia... The Archive was founded in 1957, the year after Sudanese independence, to collect and preserve the papers of administrators from the Sudan Political Service, missionaries, soldiers, businessmen, doctors, agriculturalists, teachers and others who had served or lived in the Sudan during the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium".
Summary Guide to the Sudan Archive

European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation
"[A] non-profit association under Belgium law which was created in July 1995... The main goal of the MEDEA Institute is to make a substantial contribution to cooperation, development and stability in the Mediterranean Basin as well as in the Euro-Arab relations as a whole, by... The exchange of information and ideas among politicians, academics, journalists and concerned NGOS from both sides... Promoting independent and objective analysis... Communicating research findings to opinion and political decision makers, in particular members of the European Parliament".
Use the "Country Index" to locate material on Sudan.

International Directory of Middle East Scholars

Sudan News and Views
"[A]n independent electronic Newsletter working to advocate peace, human
rights and humanitarian aid for the Sudan". Ceased publication in September/October 1997, but all back issues are available at this site.

Sudan Studies Association
"[A]n independent professional society founded in the United States in 1981. Membership is open to scholars, teachers, students, and others with interest in the Sudan. The Association exists primarily to promote Sudanese studies and scholarship. It maintains a cooperative relationship with the Institute of African and Asian Studies, University of Khartoum. SSA works to foster closer ties among scholars in the Sudan, North America, Europe, the Middle East and other places".

Sudan Studies Society of the United Kingdom
"[E]stablished in 1987 to encourage and promote Sudanese studies in the United Kingdom and abroad in all disciplines and levels... Anyone with an interest in Sudan, however general or specialised, is welcome to join. SSSUK's aim is to promote the study of Sudan in all its aspects, provide a forum of discussion and debate and encourage co-operation among all those interested in Sudan".

Sudanese Alternative Discourses (SAD)
"SAD is an independent electronic newsletter of critical and progressive thinking on political, cultural, social and economic life in Sudan and Africa. Critical and progressive thinking means that which tends to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of alternative visions for a better future... SAD aims to assist activists in their efforts to attain a better future. SAD will feature on a
regular basis one or more texts by Sudanese and non-Sudanese writers that the Editor [Ali B. Ali-Dinar] believes it would contribute to the development of critical culture in Sudan and Africa".

University of Pennsylvania Sudan Page
Brief list of on-line resources and links.

World of Islam Directory

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