Christian Aid
The Scorched Earth: Oil and War in Sudan - A Report

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Arrogant, Misleading and Prejudiced: Christian Aid on Sudan

European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS)
"[A] coalition of European organisations working for peace for Sudan... calling for action by European governments and oil companies to ensure that Sudan's oil wealth ceases to fuel war... We invite the oil companies operating in Sudan... to suspend their operations until there is peace. We urge the European governments to actively discourage investment in Sudan's oil sector as a necessary step towards peace in the country".

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ECOS: Misinformed, Irresponsible and Arrogant

Georgette Gagnon et al, Deconstructing Engagement:
Corporate Self-Regulation in Conflict Zones - Implications for Human Rights and
Canadian Public Policy (Relationships in Transition: A Strategic Joint Initiative of the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council and the Law Commission of Canada), January 2003 This report contains a "Case Study - Talisman Energy in Sudan", pp.15-52, which is a contentious, uncritical rehash of disproven claims.

Eric Reeves
An eccentric and confused American professor of literature at Smith College, now on sabbatical in order to devote himself to campaigning against the government of Sudan in general, and the development of Sudan's oil resources in particular. Professor Reeves wisely does not maintain a web page of his writings, which would underline his consistently inaccurate record of reportage and prediction. He can be contacted at and will presumably add those who
request it to his email distribution list.

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Although describing itself as "an international research and financial risk analysis company" this is a somewhat questionable front-group campaigning against Sudanese oil development. Its "Who is Who in Sudan" contains outright lies and smears of a number of individuals..

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