Advisory Council on Human Rights of the Government of Sudan
"This site has been created to provide official government information on human rights in Sudan. It also gives you the opportunity to bring violations of human rights to the attention of the Advisory Council so that it can try to take action to end or prevent the violations.   The government of Sudan is committed to respecting the human rights of everyone under its jurisdiction. It believes that this goal is compatible with the Islamic and African traditions of Sudan. And the Advisory Council will strive to do its utmost to fulfil its responsibility in this regard... The [ACHR] is a body created by the Government of Sudan. It is chaired by the Minister of Justice and its Rapporteur is the Head of the Department of Human Rights and
Humanitarian Law, Dr. Ahmed Elmufti. The ACHR advises the Government of
Sudan on questions of human rights. It accepts information from any individual, non-governmental organisation or governmental organisation that is related to improving human rights in Sudan".

Ambassdor Mahdi Ibrahim Mohamed - Sudan: The Authentic Portrait
Address Before the US Institute of Peace, 17 September, 1997. Mahdi Ibrahim is now the current Minister of Information and Communications.

Geological Research Authority of  The Sudan, The
"The Geological Research Authority of the Sudan (GRAS) represents the State Geological Survey and is the guardian of all metals and minerals within the lands, rivers and the continental shelf of Sudan. It comes under the umbrella of the Ministry of Energy and Mining. It is financially and administratively independent and has its own Board of Directors an its Director General is directly responsible to the Minister. The over-riding function of GRAS is to promote development of the mineral resources of the Sudan".

Higher Council For Environment and Natural Resources, The

The Investment Authority,
"The Investment Authority was established by a decision of the Council of Ministers as the organ responsible for setting up advertising and publicity campaign for investment in Sudan. It is also put in charge of creating an ideal investment climate that attracts national, Arab and foreign capitals in the Sudan and eliminates all obstacles that might hinder them... it is the organ that addresses encouraging investment policies, simplify procedures for investors, issue licenses of investment projects, prepare investment maps and save investors the trouble of data collecting by providing them with all the necessary information and data. The Authority shall also follow up all the procedures of the investment license at the various government circles on behalf of the investor".

National Assembly (Parliament) of Sudan
Arabic language site.

National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums

Peace Advisory Bureau
"[A]n independent body established under the auspices of the Peace Advisory in Khartoum... Our mission is to reflect the truth about the Sudan: its people, culture, spirit, values and activities... We seek to raise people's consciousness about the Sudan and its plight in order to build a more unified front in the search for peace, justice and harmony".

Refugees Commission
"[A] central official organ tasked with refugees' affairs [it] discharges its duties from Khartoum through its branch offices in the states which host great numbers of refugees, the Eastern, Central Southern States of Sudan and some other Western parts of the country".

Sudan External Information
Official information on politics, economics, culture and tourism

Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture - Gezira State
Arabic language site.

Sudanese Ministry of Education

Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A useful source for government statements and news developments seen from the government's perspective, as well as information regarding trade and investment and visa regulations.

Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sudan in Figures
Wide-ranging collection of data prepared by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Taxation Chamber of the Republic of Sudan
Arabic language site.

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