ABC Country Book of Sudan

Hasan Abdin, "Early Sudanese Nationalism: 1919-1925", History File No.
1, The Sudan Foundation, 1996

ABZU: A Guide to Information Related to the Study of the Ancient Near
East on the Web
"[A]n experimental guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East... including the territory under the control of the modern states of Egypt and Sudan, and part of Libya".

Africa Data Dissemination Services - Digital Map Data

Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa

Annotated Bibliography on the Southern Sudan, 1850-2000,
An Publication details of this 2 volume work published by the Centre for Development Studies, Norway - "the first comprehensive bibliography on then Sudan in general and the Southern Sudan especially."

"Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive online resource on the Arab world, primarily dealing with countries in the Middle East and North Africa."
A useful site with information on Sudanese history, geography, business, culture, government, transport and tourism information.

ArabNet -  Sudan Country Profile (1996): History

Arab World Geographer, The
Use their search engine to locate material on Sudan.

Archaeology in Sudan

Arkamani: Sudan Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology

British Museum Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan - Survey and Excavation on the Sudanese Nile

Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, The (University of  Texas at Austin ) - Ancient History and Archaeology of Sudan / Nubia

Dongola Research Survey and Excavations, 1996-98

E-Conflict World Encyclopaedia - Sudan History
"[A] place where you can conveniently find many resource to help you with your research of the world's languages... it is probably the most comprehensive listing of information about the currently known languages of the world".

Exploring Nubia: The Archaeology, History and Culture of  Nubia and Southern Sudan

Faras Gallery, The - Polish National Museum, Warsaw
"The set of monuments on display in the Faras Gallery... arrived in Poland from Sudan within the Polish archaeological mission taking part in the large scale international operation organised under the auspices of UNESCO in 1960-64 with a view to rescuing the monuments of Nubia from inundation by the waters of an artificial lake to emerge with the construction of the High Dam on the Nile in the region of Assouan".

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Archaeological Section
French language site.

Global Statistics - Administrative Divisions and Main Cities
Kerma Cultural Centre Project

Library of Congress, The - Historical Setting

Marya's "Republic of Sudan - The Hidden Jewel of Africa"  Website
"This web site's purpose is to provide a quick and easy way to find important facts about The Sudan. The information is aimed towards people who are not Sudanese and are looking for some basic background information".

M. Bendi Information for Africa
Use the search engine to locate material on Sudan.

Miftah Shamali - Sudan

Medieval Nubia by P. L. Shinnie
A reprint of the now out-of-print 1954 Sudan Antiquities Service pamphlet.

Napata Foundation, The
" [A] nonprofit organisation working to improve the standard of living in rural communities in Africa (rural Nubia and other areas of need) through sponsoring sustainable development programmes with emphasis on assisting poor women and children, income generating projects to achieve self sufficiency, improving health care ... and the promotion of Nubian culture, heritage and language".
The Foundation's web site concentrates on Nubian cultural and historical issues.

Nubia Home Page
Interesting site on Nubian history.

Nubia Museum, The

Nubia Salvage Project, The - The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago
"The Oriental Institute participated in the UNESCO international salvage excavation project in the reservoir area of the Aswan High Dam in upper Egypt in 1960-64".

Nubian Languages: An Annotated Bibliography, The, The [B]asic information on the past and present  of Nubia".

Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection, The - Sudan Maps

Republican Thought, The: Glimpses From the Life and Thoughts of Al-Ustazh Mahmoud Mohammed Taha [1909-1985]

South Sudan Angels Website
Contains information on Sudanese history, southern tribes and other aspects of the South.

Sudanese Archaeological Society of Berlin (Sudanarchaologische Gessellschaft zu Berlin e.V.)
German language site.

Sudan Foundation, The - Early Sudanese Nationalism: 1919-1925  - Administrative and Descriptive Maps of Sudan
Sudan regional map, National Geographic map, administrative map, vegetation map, Sudan in Africa, large Sudan map, and aerial view of Khartoum. - Bibliography (sic - should be Biography) of Historical Figures: Past and Present Sudanese Leaders Profiled - Sudan: A Historical Perspective - Latest Weather Condition in Sudan  - Some Statistical Data and Charts Relating to Sudan
Cold Cloud Satellite Images: 1999 Growing Season; Normalised Satellite Images: 1999 Growing Season; East Africa Satellite Imager (Updated Biweekly); Population density; Daily food and calorie consumption; cereal production; cereal human consumption; crop zones; cereal commercial imports and food aid; crop calendar of Sudan; Sudan meteorological profile; share of production and imports in cereal supply; water resources.

Sudanic Africa: A Journal of Historical Sources
"[A]n international academic journal devoted to the presentation and discussion of historical sources on the Sudanic belt, the area between the Shara and the Bay of Niger, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. The journal typically presents such sources in the original language and in
translation, with comments".

United Nations Agency for International Development - Greater Horn Information Exchange: Map

United Nations DPI Cartographic Section General map of Sudan
University of Khartoum Department of Archaeology

University of Khartoum Mahas Survey Project
"[A] regional study of the archaeology and long-term history of the Mahas region of Middle Nubia, northern Sudan".

University of Bergen, Norway - "21 Years of Sudanese and Sufi History at Bergen, 1972-93: A Note on Research and Resources"

University of Michigan Papyrus Collection, The

Weatherbase - Records and averages on weather & climate in Sudan
Weather Underground - Sudan

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