Church in Sudan, The
Diplomatic Representation of the Catholic Church
The Sudan Catholic Bishops' Conference
The Dioceses and the Ordinaries of Sudan
Christian Churches in Sudan

Diocese of Salisbury Sudan Link, The
"The Link between the diocese and the Episcopal Church of the Sudan was first set up by George Reindorp in 1972 among UK personnel retiring to the local area after working in the Sudan. Over the years this has developed along three fronts: Support for theological training - by providing bursaries at East African colleges for Sudanese pastors and helping the ECS's own institutions; Provision of medicines and medical
equipment - a need exacerbated by the effects of the continuing civil war; A supportive partnership between Salisbury and the 24 Sudanese dioceses ( some well established, others still on a shoestring). The Link is entirely dependent on grants and gifts from parishes and individuals across the diocese - these are credited to the Sudan General Fund held by the diocesan finance office and deployed across the activities outlined above ... Although the Link with its limited budget was never intended to function as a relief agency, the need for Christians to respond to particularly urgent crises of suffering or famine cannot be ignored - and where these have reached our national media, response across the diocese has been heartwarmingly generous."

Episcopal Church of Sudan, The
List of mail and email addresses of the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in Sudan

Episcopal Church of Sudan, The - Diocese of Rokon

Sudan Catholic Information Office
"[T]he Press Office of the Sudanese Catholic Bishops working in the non government controlled areas of Sudan. It started in April 1995. It is located in Nairobi."

Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle
"Founded in 1979 around the action of Sister Emmanuelle among Cairo's rag-pickers, it is now taking care of the destitute in Sudan, and particularly the street children".

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