Ahfad University for Women
"A private university... dedicated to educating women, strengthening women's roles in national and rural development, and achieving equity for women in Sudanese society."

Association of Arab Universities - Republic of Sudan

Bayan Science and Technology College
"[A] new private university college... located in .Khartoum. BSTC was founded in 1997 by a number of university professors, engineers, and computer professionals. BSTC offers Bachelor degrees in Computer Science, Electronic Systems Engineering, and Computer and Information Science, in addition to its multitude of qualifications awarded by the Continuous Education Department."

Canadian University of Sudan, The
"Our main objective is to keep in technology transfer and safeguard
Sudan from lagging behind and coping with globalisation and stopping any risks due to isolation".

Tag Elsir Doleib - "Political Violence: Campus Becomes a Battleground"
(On the 1992 Student Disturbances at Khartoum University), Education File No. 5, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Abu Gaballa - "University Students: Their Role in Social Change"
(Edited With an Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Education File No. 3,
The Sudan Foundation, 1997

General Sudanese Students Union
Arabic language site.

Hassan A. Hassan (Interviewer), "The Vice-Chancellor Speaks: Discipline Will End the Crisis" (On the 1992 Student Disturbances at khartoum University) (Edited by Dr. Sean Gabb), Education File No. 6, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Juba University

Khartoum Diplomatic School
"[C]omprised of children from 28 different countries. The medium of communication in the school is English. However, Arabic, French are taught as additional languages".

National Centre for Research
"The National Centre for Research of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was established in 1991 as a fully fledged multidisciplinary institution mandated to conduct scientific and applied research for development".

Halima Mohamed al-Rahman - "A History of Action: A Brief History of the
Khartoum University Students' Union", Education File No. 1, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Halima Mohamed al-Rahman - "A Personal View: Ending the Conflict (About
the 1992 Student Disturbances at Khartoum University)", (Edited With an
Introduction by Dr. Sean Gabb), Education File No. 4, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Hamid Salih - "Students v. Administration?: On the 1992 Disturbances at the University of Khartoum", Education File No. 2, The Sudan Foundation, 1997

Shendi University

Sudan University of Science and Technology
Arabic language site.

Sudan University of Science and Technology - College of Engineering
Arabic language site.

University of Gezira
Arabic language site.

University of Khartoum
"The University of Khartoum was founded in 1902 as Gordon Memorial College. In 1951 it was renamed University College of Khartoum incorporating Gordon Memorial College, and the Kitchener School of Medicine, established 1924. It became a University in 1956".
Department of Archeology

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